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WorldShaper is a map/terrain creation suite that aims to support the creation of many kinds of maps, including open world maps that can be exported out into chunks.

It will also include an addon for Godot which lets you stream arbitrarily large terrains (and nodes/objects).

Warning: WorldShaper is currently in a very early alpha stage, so please don't use it for production yet. The 3D Terrain generation has a few critical bugs that I'm working on fixing.

Current Features

  • Paint heightmap in the 2D view and visualize as a gradient color map.
  • Split the map into chunks for open-world games.
  • Efficient Dynamic LOD-based (Level of Detail) painting.
  • View your map as a 3D terrain mesh.
  • Dynamically loads and unloads chunks for lower memory usage.
  • Export heightmaps and colormaps.

Planned Features

  • Multi-thread critical parts (DONE!)
  • Texture painting
  • Export terrains to OBJ format
  • Export chunks to Godot and use included godot addon for streaming large terrains (and objects/nodes).
StatusOn hold
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Made withGodot
TagsGodot, Level Editor, map, map-editor, Open World, terrain, Tilemap, tool
Average sessionDays or more
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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WorldShaper_v0.1.0.exe 38 MB
WorldShaper_linux_v0.1.0.x86_64 41 MB
WorldShaper_MacOS_v0.1.0.zip 30 MB
WorldShaper_linux_v0.2.0.x86_64 43 MB
WorldShaper_MacOS_v0.2.0.zip 32 MB
WorldShaper_v0.2.0.exe 40 MB
WorldShaper_linux_v0.3.0.x86_64 43 MB
WorldShaper_MacOS_v0.3.0.zip 32 MB
WorldShaper_v0.3.0.exe 40 MB
WorldShaper_v0.4.0.exe 40 MB
WorldShaper_linux_v0.4.0.x86_64 43 MB
WorldShaper_MacOS_v0.4.0.zip 32 MB
WorldShaper_linux_v0.5.0.x86_64 43 MB
WorldShaper_MacOS_v0.5.0.zip 32 MB
WorldShaper_v0.5.0.exe 40 MB
WorldShaper_linux_v0.5.1.x86_64 43 MB
WorldShaper_MacOS_v0.5.1.zip 32 MB
WorldShaper_v0.5.1.exe 40 MB
WorldShaper_v0.8.0.exe 40 MB
WorldShaper_v0.8.0.x86_64 42 MB
WorldShaper_v0.8.0.zip 28 MB
WorldShaper_v0.8.1.exe 40 MB
WorldShaper_v0.8.1.x86_64 42 MB
WorldShaper_v0.8.1.zip 28 MB
WorldShaper_v0.9.0.exe 40 MB
WorldShaper_v0.9.0.x86_64 42 MB
WorldShaper_v0.9.0.zip 28 MB
WorldShaper_v0.10.0.exe 40 MB
WorldShaper_v0.10.0.x86_64 42 MB
WorldShaper_v0.10.0.zip 28 MB
WorldShaper_v0.10.1.exe 40 MB
WorldShaper_v0.10.1.x86_64 42 MB
WorldShaper_v0.10.1.zip 28 MB

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